Group Insurance

Customized solutions for your unique group benefit needs

Group Insurance benefits cover employees and their families for Medical, Dental, Hospital and Life Insurance expenses. A good employer sponsored Group Insurance plan also helps in attracting new employees and retaining existing employees.

Group Insurance benefits represent a significant financial obligation to an employer while playing an important role, alongside government-sponsored benefit programs, in providing the well-being of employees and their families. We fully understand that each employer has unique needs for their Group Insurance plan. That's why, we strive to find the best and flexible group insurance solutions and ensure that the plan sponsors get the best value for their benefit dollar. As an insurance broker, we represent virtually all insurance providers in Canada. This enables us to make truly objective recommendations to our clients that put their needs first.

Our Group Benefit Solutions offer not only the best Group Benefit Rates but also include Customized Wellness Programs for the employees. These wellness programs are designed to keep the employees Healthy and Motivated which indirectly improves Group claims history and thus lowers the group benefit premiums for the employer.

Our Group Benefit advisor can work closely with your Human Resource department in:

  •   i. Designing the right Group Plan
  •  ii. Plan Administration Support
  • iii. Employee Claim Support
  • iv. Employee Communication Support
  •  v. Annual Plan Renewal.

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